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Since the idea of Gofingo was born in Lithuania, HQ are based in Vilnius. More than 150 people across 5 locations creates opportunity  not only to build monetary value, but also share valuable business experience across the group.
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About us

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gofingo is a privately-owned holding company of different consumer loans providers operating profitably since 2015. In 2018 we started expanding globally and in addition to Czech Republic, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, we’ve opened businesses in Philippines and Vietnam.

Although gofingo is relatively new, our stakeholders have over 20 years of proven track record in banking and lending. Their vision and passion for state of art FinTech, highest quality customer service, lifetime learning and full transparency are shared across all gofingo companies starting with senior management and employees, all the way to our customers.

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We are fintech



We share IT team, infrastructure and technical solutions across the group. IT hubs, which are located in Vilnius and Kiev, are leading behind competitive and exciting Fintech technology solutions development process.



Having great demand for the best results and constant improvements, we are able to easily adapt and set the trends, not follow them.



Attention to details allows us to deliver seamless experience to our online customers while maintaining the highest risk management and security standards.



We have a team of highly skilled IT developers, risk manages and data scientists. We believe people is the key element for improvements to happen.


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Right place and time

We make sure all of our people are in the right position within the company. We help employees identify their strengths and make them aware of opportunities that suit their key skills.

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International team

We make sure to use the advantage of multicultural working environment. Putting into numbers- Using 5 different working practices and 4 time zones we are able to improve and develop working conditions daily. 

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Mindful work-life balance

We make sure our team is orientated not only towards the work efficiency, but also is able to set flashy personal goals. We believe in mountains, hiking, swimming and meditation. Interesting and ambitious lifestyle inspire us to set and accomplish ultimate work targets.
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Start-up environment

We make sure to share the same vision across the group. Capability to share the feeling of trust and thrive for perfection allows to build long- lasting relationships. Great sense of humor, high energy levels and ability to make fast decision are daily essentials in Gofingo life.

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